Who We Are

Hi, I'm Daniel Lee from Vlare. I develop and distribute LCD panels, and there is a good chance you might have used a 3D printer with panels from me- whether it is a touch panels or high-resolution panel on MSLA printers.

What We Do

I like to tell you more about my new project, Vlare, which is developing a controller board and slicer for resin-based 3D printers. Our Core board is ready for production and is in the hands of OEMs for printer development. There is lots of information on this website, and you can get a beta copy of Vlare Slicer to try. (Feedback is greatly appreciated as we are actively developing features and fixing bugs).

Why We Made Vlare Core and Slicer

We started the Vlare team because we felt there was a lack of innovation in desktop resin 3D printing. Sure, new printers are coming out with 6K, 7K, and 8K panels- but those are innovations by the display panel manufacturers, not the 3D Printer manufacturers. There are many areas in resin printing that can use more improvements- from advanced light engines to better sensor utilization, better materials and electronics.

The lack of controller options and functions has placed limitations on software choice, which has been a chokehold for new ideas and applications. This leads to many similar-looking printers from OEMs, and over-competition leads to vanishing margin and even less willingness to innovate. The low price is undoubtedly great for users in the short run, but it means less innovation and everyone gets less in the long run.

Our Goals

Vlare aims to change that. Here is what we are building:

  • A robust controller board that supports an open file format with no encryption so 3rd party software can work without complex SDK terms or wasting CPU cycles to decrypt.

  • A Future-looking Data Structure to support features such as multiple-exposures per layer, variable heights, advanced layer change movements, etc.

  • A full range of connectivity so OEMs can customize and innovate to differentiate their products. This includes serial, SPI, and network.

  • A FREE, full feature slicer that is quick to learn, makes it easy to print well and includes advanced functions for professionals.

Join us

While Vlare Slicer is now at beta stage, we have received many feedback from the community on how we can improve it. Join us in our journey for a more collaborative and innovative future!

- Daniel Lee, Founder of Vlare Team

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Credits and Thanks

We like to thank those who have provided vaulable feedbacks and test files to help us in our journey. We also like to recognize model credit belongs to artist Fotis Mint whom you can find here.

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